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Norway, like Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Iceland, is part of Scandinavia. Norway borders Sweden, but also Finland and Russia. It is a great country, but can be considered a bit remote for many people.

From Denmark you have to travel by ferry or on land through Sweden to get there. Of course you can also fly.

When you rent a holiday house in Norway, you can really enjoy the rugged countryside. The rocks, fjords and tranquil landscapes make it an enchanting country. From your cottage in Norway there is plenty to see and do.

What’s more, the country is vast and would require more than one holiday visit.

Ideas & Tips holiday homes Norway:

To the north of Norway

If you travel to Northern Norway outside the summer months, you must take the opportunity to see the Northern Lights. Everyone wants to see this enchantingly beautiful natural phenomenon once, whose origin lies in the movement of the solar wind.

It is caused by eruptions on the sun that shoot large quantities of particles at high speed towards the earth. The magnetic field of our planet deflects these particles and they then enter the atmosphere with an extra acceleration at the North Pole.

There they collide with other molecules and provide the beautiful play of light that we can see. Everyone should experience this at least once in their life.

Why not from your holiday home in Norway? And if you're really in the north of Norway, you're also heading for the North Cape. This is the northernmost point of Europe, where you are only 2000 kilometres from the North Pole.

The Fjords of Norway

One of the trademarks of this great country is the beautiful fjords. These amazing and impressive coves, with deep water and steeply rising rocks, are worth a visit alone.

The most beautiful fjord is probably the 15 kilometre long Geirangerfjord. You will find it about 100 kilometres from Alesund. The Fjords are not only a beautiful area for walking, sailing or just for admiring, but also for beautiful sights to visit.

One of the nicest places is the Preikestolen. That is a cliff more than 600 metres high. After a brisk walk in which you go up another 300 m, you will enjoy a very special view.

There are 44 national parks spread over 15 different regions. In addition, there are 18 different tourist routes that run through the most beautiful areas of Norway. In every region you can walk, cycle, climb mountains, and canoe.

Oslo, Bergen and Stavanger

Norway is a vast country with not many cities. But the cities that are there are definitely worth a visit. For many people, a trip to Norway begins or ends in Oslo. An amazingly beautiful city that you should definitely visit.

The city is surrounded by many small islands with all kinds of opportunities for relaxation and recreation. But also the city itself has a lot to offer. A beautiful open-air museum for example, or the royal palace, the cathedral and the beautiful town hall.

On the east coast we find Mountains, which is very beautiful because of the wooden construction that is still abundant to see.

And you can also enjoy the great view from Bergen from the 320 metre high Mt. Fløyen. Stavanger is also a lovely city. The city is modern and plays an important role in the oil industry but also has a nice old town.

Midnight sun

The midnight sun, or also called polar day, is a phenomenon in which the sun does not set at night and therefore it is light all day and night. This phenomenon can only be seen in the countries north of the Arctic Circle or south of the Antarctic Circle.

Because your biorhythm is confused, falling asleep while the sun is still shining is quite a challenge for many people. The midnight light can be seen from April to August. If you go to Norway, this phenomenon is one you should not miss!


Norway has a mild climate. This means that it is quite cold in winter, but could also have been much colder. Other countries at the same latitude have on average much lower winter temperatures, such as northern Russia, Greenland and Alaska.

Norway has a few different climates. The south, southwest and coastal areas have a temperate maritime climate. They have relatively mild winters and summers but with a lot of rainfall all year round.

The interior in the south and southwest has a temperate continental climate. This means that winters are colder than those in coastal areas. Furthermore, a large part of the interior has a cool continental climate.

Holiday home Norway

Wherever you want to go in this magnificent country, you will look around in admiration. So book that holiday property in Norway for a holiday you will never forget.

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