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Holiday Homes in Switzerland

Visit Switzerland: discover beautiful alpine scenery and thrilling ski runs, a country to be enjoyed in Winter for its snowy mountain villages and in the Summer for its stunning natural, scenic backdrop.

What would you choose? Sunny Summer days hiking through the mountains or a Winter holiday whizzing down the snowy ski slopes? Book your holiday accommodation in Switzerland with Interhome.

Self-catering chalets in Switzerland

In the heart of Europe, Switzerland is a popular destination for both summer and winter holidays. Switzerland is a paradise for winter sports lovers. Divided into three large regions: Jura, the Alps and the Plateau, approximately 60% of the country comprises of the Alps and the Prealps.

Other than enjoying the thrill of skiing down the snowy Swiss mountain slopes, what else, especially in Summer, attracts visitors to Switzerland? Maybe it is the 60,000 km of hiking trails loved by ramblers and walkers.

Or what about choosing a celf-catering chalet on the banks of one of the impressive lakes: Lake Leman, Constance or Lake Majeur? An ideal destination for couples and families. The cosmopolitan Swiss towns and cities offer a wealth of history and culture to visitors all year round.

Ski Holidays in Switzerland

Interhome offers a broad variety of self-catered skichalets in Switzerland. Below you can find the most popular villages for ski holidays.

Most popular villages in Switzerland for winter holidays

Ski Holidays in Switzerland for all the family

Switzerland is the ideal destination for family holidays. The beauty of its countryside attracts both the young and old. Spend days looking for souvenirs along the Cretes du Jura road or along the Trois Lacs route.

Staying at a holiday home in Switzerland, you can also explore the countryside by bike or on horseback. If you fancy something out of the ordinary with the children, why not spend a day in one of the large theme and leisure parks: Swiss Vapeur Park, Juraparc, Prehisto-Parc, Swiss Miniatur…

Ski Chalets in Switzerland

Renting a Swiss chalet in one of the most beautiful ski regions in Europe ensures the perfect holiday for all winter sports lovers. The 4-valleys ski region is the largest ski region in Switzerland. Whatever your level, you can be sure to find the ski runs to suit your taste and ability.

Why not rent a property in Valais to make the most of your ski holiday. One of the advantages is that many Swiss ski resorts are at a good altitude and therefore provide the best conditions for taking part in your preferred winter sport.

Holiday house Switzerland

Switzerland is an attractive holiday destination. People from all corners of the world come here. Switzerland is a very hospitable country, where there is also a lot to do. Book a holiday home or apartment in Switzerland and you can take a city trip to Bern, Zurich, Basel or Geneva.

Or rent a ski chalet and spend a winter holiday in the upper Valais in the Swiss Alps. Skiing, cross-country skiing, snowboarding or hiking: what do you prefer? Choose the season and enjoy a wonderful holiday all year round in a holiday home in Switzerland.

Comfortable holidays in Switzerland

A beautiful mountain hike, a boat trip on one of the many lakes or skiing on kilometres of slopes? These are just a few of the many activities you can take part in during a holiday in Switzerland.

The many winter sports villages in Switzerland offer numerous possibilities and beautiful holiday homes to make the holiday guest feel at home. Comfortable and luxurious holiday homes are plentiful in Switzerland, and you can be sure to experience a wonderful holiday!

Holiday home for rent in Switzerland

A holiday home in Switzerland means a holiday home in a country that is much more diverse than many people think. Of course Switzerland has mountains and of course you go there for winter sports, but Switzerland is so much more.

Switzerland is also a beautiful country for summer relaxation in the mountains and valleys, swimming in one of the beautiful lakes, cities visits with history and architecture and stylish shopping. Whether you are a skier, hiker, history fan or shopaholic, a holiday home in Switzerland has a lot to offer.

Switzerland, a special country

Switzerland consists of 26 cantons, all of which are autonomous. So when you visit us, you will not only have to deal with Swiss laws, but also with the agreements that apply within the canton in question.

Switzerland is known for its neutrality and is therefore not a member of the European Union. You pay with Swiss francs and it is precisely because of this neutrality that Switzerland has a very international feel. A city like Geneva is home to many international organizations.

As Switzerland is centrally located within Europe and in history there has been a lot of influence from neighbouring countries, Switzerland has no less than 4 official languages. German, French, Italian and Reto-Romanesque - you may come across one or all of these during your journey through Switzerland.

Alps, plains and Jura

Besides a small area in Northwest Switzerland, Switzerland has 3 characteristic landscape types. Most of Switzerland, about half of it, is covered by the Alps with spectacular peaks but equally beautiful valley areas such as Engadine and Surselva in the canton of Graubunden.

The Alps roughly cover the south-eastern half of Switzerland and change into the Swiss plateau on the north side. Specifically the Bernese Oberland is one of the most important tourist areas of Switzerland with famous peaks such as the Jungfrau, the Mönch and the Eiger.

Swiss plateau

The Swiss plateau, also called Mittelland, is formed by flat and hilly areas at 400 to 600 metres above sea level. That makes the terrain much more suitable for cities.

The area is about 30% of the total, but two thirds of all Swiss live in cities like Bern, Zurich and Freiburg, and most companies are located there. The plateau is located in central Switzerland and runs from Lake Geneva to Lake Constance.

The Swiss Jura

On the border of France and Switzerland you will find the Swiss Jura. That is a less well-known mountain area, it also only accounts for about 10% of the Swiss surface, but is still a very nice place for a holiday home in Switzerland.

The Jura Mountains are characterized by its capricious shapes and is very woody. On many slopes grow trees, from deciduous trees to about 800 metres and conifers on the higher slopes.

Mountain sports and winter sports in Switzerland

If 50% of the country is covered by Alpine peaks and valleys, sports such as mountaineering, ice climbing and winter sports must be in the genes of the Swiss.

Many Alpine peaks are breathtakingly beautiful and certainly the symbol of Switzerland, the 4478 metre high Matterhorn, is a magnet for climbers and explorers. You can use the Glacier Express from St Moritz to Zermatt drive, where the mountain majestically towers above you.

Many Alpine slopes are suitable for skiers and the concept of winter sports was invented in St Moritz, where a hotel owner wondered how he could lure his English tourists to the mountain area in winter.

Whilst skiing was initially the main focus, winter sports are nowadays a versatile form of holiday with many different activities. Beginners skiers, black slope fans, cross-country skiers, snowboarders and off-piste skiers, everyone can go to Switzerland and there is a ski area to suit everyone.

Besides these common sports, there are also more and more alternative winter sports. Tobogganers, glacier skiers, ski-joering fans and curling fans can also enjoy modern winter sports centres such as the Vaudoises Alps. A winter sports chalet in Switzerland is therefore the starting point of a wonderful holiday.

Switzerland inspiration & tips:

Culinary Switzerland

You can enjoy a delicious meal in Switzerland and depending on where your holiday home in Switzerland is located, you will be treated to various local specialties.

There are of course a number of well-known dishes, such as fondue, raclette and rösti, but you will also come across different specialties in each region. Switzerland has a number of special cheeses, such as Gruyère or Emmentaler.

Swiss chocolate

The Swiss chocolate tradition is something special. Chocolate has been made in Switzerland for a long time, but in the 19th century new production methods were devised to bring the quality to an even higher level.

The Swiss also invented milk chocolate. Swiss people know that their chocolate is very good and they are the biggest chocolate eaters themselves.

Swiss wine

The great variety in landscape, nature and climate in the different regions is reflected in the wine. Grapes have been grown on Swiss soil for more than 2000 years and wine is produced.

Most important wine regions in the country are Wallis, Vaud (Lavaux), Geneva and Ticino. If your holiday home in Switzerland is in one of those areas, try to taste some of the local products.

Other activities in Switzerland

Of course, the mountains are combined with skiing, cross-country skiing, snowboarding and other winter sports. But the mountains offer so much more than a holiday home in Switzerland.

For example, you can enjoy some excellent hiking. The Swiss have provided some 50,000 kilometres of hiking trails, all of which are clearly marked. Things like the average duration of the hike and the degree of difficulty, you will find it all on the clear descriptions and signs.

Wherever you have a holiday home in Switzerland, there are always plenty of hiking opportunities nearby. And especially take your dog with you to enjoy a nice walk, because a holiday home with the dog in Switzerland is easy to find.

Cycling in Switzerland

Also for cyclists, Switzerland has so many possibilities and we are not just talking about mountain biking. At many train stations you can rent a bike and the country has over 3300 kilometres of well-maintained and interconnected cycling routes.

The bike you rent at one station can be returned at the end point. For lovers of in-line skating there are plenty of possibilities and routes in all levels of difficulty.

Water sports on the Swiss lakes

Many people do not realise how rich in water Switzerland is and how many beautiful lakes there are for water sports enthusiasts. Of course these are the large and famous lakes such as Lake Geneva, Lake Neuchâtel and Lake Constance, but also Lake Lugano and Lake Maggiore are particularly popular with tourists.

The lakes give a completely different picture of Switzerland, fashionable and stylish but also Mediterranean and offer all possibilities for sailing, water skiing, canoeing, rowing or diving. And of course you will find beautiful lakes throughout the country for just swimming.

It also makes Switzerland the ultimate country for family holidays and the facilities are excellent. There is a large selection of child-friendly holiday homes in Switzerland.

For those who want to make it perfect, it is also easy to find a beautiful holiday home with pool in Switzerland.

There is also plenty to see at the lakes in Switzerland, because on the islands and on the banks you will find beautiful buildings, castles or ancient ruins. For example, in Cannobio on three islands lie the ruins of medieval castles, the Castelli di Cannero.

Art, culture and cities in Switzerland

Switzerland is small, but is located in the heart of Europe and shows a mix of different cultures and influences from neighbouring countries, especially Germany, France and Italy. This is reflected in the architecture with its many medieval but also Romanesque buildings. Many Swiss cities are wonderful to explore.

So you will certainly not be bored in Zurich if you visit the picturesque old Altstadt with the Gothic Basilica Fraumünster, or the Grossmünster with its two towers. Bern is worth a visit with its medieval city centre, the beautiful medieval colonnades in the shopping area and the Nyddegg Bridge.

Also Geneva and Lausanne with their Romanesque architecture and cathedrals should be visited if possible. Just like all those other beautiful cities and buildings, such as the beautiful Castles of Bellinzona.

And if you don't like culture or architecture, the shopping opportunities are above average, especially if you want to buy chocolate or watches. Because Switzerland is the perfect place for shopping.

Museums, exhibitions and theatre in Switzerland

The range of museums, exhibitions, theatre and concerts in Swiss cities will surprise you. The Schauspielhaus in Zurich is well worth a visit. It is considered one of the most renowned German-speaking theatres in Switzerland.

And be sure to check the agenda when you leave for your holiday rental in Switzerland, because in many cities there are great festivals all year round.

For example, in Basel you can go to the three-day Basler Fasnacht, with large masked parties and street parades. Every year in July the international Jazz Festival takes place in Montreux.

Swiss cheese fondue

Do you fancy a cosy cheese fondue? Switzerland is certainly a surprise when it comes to culinary matters. Of course you know this holiday country for its delicious cheeses, but Swiss chocolate is also a delicacy that should not be missed.

Who does not know the Milka cow that is grazing in the rolling mountains of Switzerland? Experience a taste of Milka and enjoy it in one of our beautiful holiday homes in Switzerland.

City trip in Switzerland

Zurich, Basel, Bern, all cities with a rich history. You can visit many museums, historic buildings and beautiful squares and learn more about the history of Switzerland. You can also combine a visit to a city with a stay at one of the many lakes in Switzerland.

Can you see yourself staying in an idyllic holiday cottage in Switzerland, directly on the lake? This way you can combine a relaxing beach holiday and an interesting city trip all in one.

Interhome offers many holiday homes where you can stay flexibly: this means that you can stay a few nights at a holiday home and it is not necessary to book a full week.

A holiday home in Switzerland

Switzerland is varied and offers the right location for every kind of holiday. Whether you are looking for an apartment in Switzerland or a holiday home, there is a wide and varied choice.

Check out the holiday home last minutes in Switzerland, then maybe you can head off this week!

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